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Home Cooking

I love to cook from scratch! I am able to control the ingredients in my food. I have a gluten intolerance and there are specific foods which I cannot eat at all. Not even cheat just a little. Those foods are  anything which have gluten noodles, barley, MSG. My body cannot process those types of ingredients.

I recently made some homemade chili. Boy oh boy was it tasty. We had very little left over after dinner was done. I like to use simple ingredients which can make quick meals. Enjoy the recipe below.

Homemade Chili

Makes a large pot of chili

2 - 16 oz cans of organic kidney beans

1 - 16 oz can each of organic tomato sauce and stewed tomatoes

1/2 chopped organic onion

2 - fresh grown or store bought Anaheim chili's chopped up fine

1 small portion of naturally raised pork (no hormones ect..) cut up into small pieces and cook.

1 - Can of water

Seasonings to taste; Salt, 2 drops YL pepper essential oil, granulated garlic, mild organic chili pepper.

Add all ingredients into a medium size pot, cook on medium heat, except for the cooked pork or other meat you would like to use.  Cook the ingredients in the pot till onion is and chilies are almost done. Now add the meat, cook for about 5 -7 min longer and you have a great gluten free tasty meal.